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Lomi Lori - Minneapolis and St. Paul area - located in Stillwater

Lori McNally Services

Lomi Lomi Massage

• LomiLomi Hawaiian Massage:
    Loving flowing strikes, gentle yet deep
• Hot Stone Massage Treatment
• Cleansing Facial Massage:
    Restore, relax and leave radiantly refreshed
• The Ultimate:
    A blend of above treatments (2-hour minimum)

Price List*

Length Price
1 HR. $75.00
1 ¼ HR. $90.00
1 ½ HR. $110.00
2 HR. $145.00
Ken Pearson Services

Polarity Therapy

Price List

1 Hour Sessions: $60/hr
Package of 3 Sessions: $150

Packages are non-refundable.
No expiration date.

*Price include sales tax.
  Price includes use of shower, soap, shampoo and towel.

  Call Lori at 651-210-6961 to set up an appointment.

Lomi Lori Services, Compass Center, Stillwater MN


Compass Center for Integrative Healing
116 East Chestnut Street
Stillwater MN 55082

What is Lomi Lomi Massage?

Lomilomi is the Hawaiian word for "masseur" or "masseuse".  Lomilomi practitioners use the palms, forearm, fingers, knuckles, elbows, knees, feet, even sticks and stones.  Lomilomi practices varied by family, ahupua'a (traditional region) and island.

Traditionally in ancient Hawaii lomilomi was practiced in four contexts:

  • As a healing practice of native healers -- kahuna lā'au lapa'au (healers) and kahuna hāhā (diagnosticians)
  • As a luxury and an aid to digestion, especially by the ruling chiefs (ali'i)
  • As restorative massage within the family
  • By 'ōlohe lua (masters of the Hawaiian martial arts)

Although the term kahuna lomilomi is widely used in contemporary writings, traditionally the people who performed lomilomi were called ka po'e lomilomi (the massage people) or kanaka lomi (massage person).  A related term, kauka lomilomi, was coined in 1920 to describe osteopathic physicians. The word kauka is the Hawaiianized version of doctor.

Like all endeavors in old Hawaii, lomilomi was conducted with prayer and intention.  Hawaiian kupuna (elder) Auntie Margaret Machado describes lomilomi as "praying" work (Chai 2005: 39).  Emma Akana Olmstead, a kupuna of Hana, Maui, in the 1930s, said, "When a treatment is to be given, the one who gives the treatment first plucks the herbs to be used. He prays as he picks the herbs. No one should call him back or distract his attention, all should be as still as possible for they do not want the vibration broken. They knew the laws of vibration.  They knew the power of the spoken word.  They knew Nature.  They gathered the vibration of the plentiful."  (Chai 2005: 40)

What is Polarity Therapy?

Polarity Therapy is a healing art based on energy balancing.  Energy currents are the patterns that organize form that creates and holds our structure.  There are times in our lives that we create or encounter physical or emotional stress and trauma that blocks our energy currents.  This can lead to disease, and emotional or physical pain.  Polarity Yoga and Therapy are powerful holistic tools to maintain vitality and balance in your life.  A typical Polarity Therapy session is 60 to 90 minutes in length, and the client is fully clothed.  For your comfort, wear loose, comfortable clothing.
Ken will be facilitating Polarity Yoga classes to be announced soon.  Contact Ken for more information and for notification of future classes and appointments.

Lomi Lori - Lori and Ken - Stillwater, MN

Lori McNally bio

Lori was first introduced to Lomi Lomi in Minneapolis in 1989.  Then in 1990, she dropped everything and travelled to Hawaii to study Abraham Kawai'i style Lomi Lomi under Ku'uipo Latonio, Joy Finch and Penny Prior.  She started her practice upon returning to Minnesota, eventually returning to Kauai in 1994 for more training.

Now with over 22 years of experience, Lori is one of the best Lomi Lomi massage therapists in the country.

Lori McNally, Lomi Lomi, Esalen massage, Lomi Lori
Lori McNally
Ken Pearson bio

Ken received 2 years of Polarity Therapy training, starting in 1994.  His teacher was California Polarity Practitioner and Instructor Kenneth Likness.  Ken has been a Registered Polarity Practitioner (APTA) since 1996.

Ken Pearson, Polarity Therapy, Lomi Lori
Ken Pearson


Lori McNally is an extraordinary massage therapist – she listens and sees with her touch – she is intuitive, using various techniques to address your physical tightness and pain while balancing your energy and soothing your soul.  Her work is professional, comfortable, non-sexual – and is inspired, graceful and grace-filled.  You will feel so completely nurtured and relaxed!  Lori is gifted, and you will feel her intention to honor the beautiful person that you are.  Her work is incredible!

– Sue S.

I received a lomilomi massage from Lori and was amazed by her skill as a therapist.  Lomilomi is a traditional form of healing work from the Hawaiian Islands.  Not only is she gifted in her craft, Lori also struck me as a straight-forward, kind and compassionate person.  There is a sacred quality in the way Lori goes about her work that left me with a sense of being blessed.

– The Rev. Frank S. Davis

I was visiting my sister and wanted to have a massage.  She recommended her friend Lori.  I have to say I have had many massages over the years, but Lori gave me the best massage I have ever had in my life!  I found Lori to be a loving, intuitive person who just knew where my aches and pains were and focused her energy on making me feel better.  It was a beautiful, peaceful massage and at the end I felt like a new person.  Not only did I feel great, but I felt like a had greater clarity of mind too.  I would highly recommend Lori to give anyone a massage.  It was truly an out of body experience!

– Christine

Lori's massages always feel like a wonderful gift.  The flowing strokes of Lomi massage move like waves over the body, and yet get deep into tight muscles coaxing them to let go.  Having a massage from Lori always feels like one of the best things I could do for myself.

– Jean

Warm hands.  Warm heart.  And a flow of love between them to nurture, pamper, and restore.  Gifted and giving, Lori expertly weaves together the spiritual, physical and energetic aspects of Lomi-Lomi massage into a delightful experience which feeds the mind, body and spirit.  Magical, mystical and magnificent.  Give yourself a treat, call Lori today.

– Bruce

Lori is one of the best practitioners of Lomi Lomi massage that there is in the Midwest, Hawaii or anywhere else.  A massage therapist not to miss.

– Susan

Lori's Lomi Lomi massage is magical - and it is more than simply kneading sore muscles; her ability to soothe the soul is uncanny.  She's good medicine.

– Keith

For anyone out there who is considering this type of massage - you should RUN to this practioner.

– T.E.

My first massage experience with Lori (a few years ago) was beyond description and unlike any other body work I had ever received!  I continue to leave my sessions with Lori in a state of deep gratitude for her wonderful gifts!

– Cindy
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Lori McNally

Ken Pearson

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The Compass Center for Healing

Lomi Lori, located at Compass Center, Stillwater, MN 116 E Chestnut St.
Stillwater, MN
Lomi Lori, located at Compass Center, Stillwater, MN
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The Compass Center for Healing

Lomi Lori, located at Compass Center, Stillwater, MN 116 E Chestnut St.
Stillwater, MN
Lomi Lori, located at Compass Center, Stillwater, MN

For more information:
Contact Lori or Ken via email,
or call Lori McNally: 651-210-6961
or call Ken Pearson: 612-251-3273
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